Shampoo Tea Tree

Personal Organic Tea Tree

Experience invigoration like never before with our Tea Tree Cypress Shampoo. The unique blend of Tea Tree oil, Peppermint, and Cypress rejuvenates your scalp and envelopes you in a refreshing and stimulating scent. It cleanses effectively, leaving your hair full of life and radiance. The invigorating 'freeze' sensation creates an unparalleled feeling of freshness. A safe formula for color-treated hair, it aids in promoting healthier skin. Sulfate Free & Vegan
Shampoo Volume

Personal Organic Elixir Volume Shampoo

Unleash your hair's potential with our volumizing shampoo. Designed to balance the scalp's oiliness, it’s formulated with Green Tea extract and Lime essential oils that reduce excess sebum and odors. Experience the fresh burst of health and shine with our Volume Shampoo. Sulfate Free & Vegan
Shampoo Repair

Personal Organic Elixir Repair Shampoo

Rejuvenate with our refreshing shampoo, formulated to gently cleanse while fighting signs of aging and fatigue. Enriched with Magnolia and Vitamin E, it hydrates the scalp and imparts long-lasting strength and shine to your hair. Embrace the youthful vibrancy and elasticity with our Repair Shampoo. Sulfate Free & Vegan
Shampoo Nourishing

Personal Organic Elixir Nourishing Shampoo

Reinvent strength with our nourishing formula that fortifies hair from root to tip, enabling healthier and stronger growth. Enriched with Primrose and Gardenia essential oils, it offers a deep cleanse while ensuring scalp health. Revel in the power of reinforced hair structure for a stronger, vibrant mane. Sulfate Free & Vegan
Shampoo Hydrate Soft

Personal Organic Elixir Hydrate Soft Shampoo

Drench your hair in the luxury of our Hydrate Soft Shampoo. It's lovingly crafted with Sandalwood, Cotton Extract and Tahitian Vanilla, specially formulated for slightly dry, curly, and frizzy hair. It gently cleanses while preserving your hair's natural oils, creating a conducive environment for new hair growth. Immerse in the glory of rich hydration that softly nurtures your curls, maintaining their natural shape and volume. Sulfate Free & Vegan
ht silk keratin

Silk Keratin

Introducing our leave in treatment enriched with Keratin*, Silk & Provitamin B5 to give your hair a glossy finish. Our product provides a range of benefits, including color care, anti - frizz care, heat protection, easier styling, breakage prevention, UV protection agent, bouncy and light styling and an intense emollient sensation. It enhances your hair’s natural movement without weighing it down.